styne / mois ★ 18 ★ taken
i'm pretty laid back, so feel free to talk to me but, never ask for my discord
unless we're mutuals
if you ever want to contact me the fastest ways to reach me is either on my
deviantart or on my toyhouse
i love animals so feel free to message me with animal pictures!
note to those who message me:
if i don't reply i don't hate you! it's either i saw it and got distracted
,i don't know how to reply or never saw it!

my interests tend to vary but, if you ever want to talk about them feel free to hit me up
(no order)
various commentary/gaming youtubers ★ various animes and games ★ stranger things
the office usa ★ bts ★ pokemon ★ marvel
creating/developing characters and stories

types of animes/games i like
(no order)
my hero academia ★ noragami ★ soul eater ★ toradora
cowboy beebop ★ psycho pass ★ death parade
persona 3/4/5 ★ danganronpa ★ free! ★ outlast ★ resident evil
the evil within ★ pokemon ★ super smash bros