✧styne/mois | 18 | they/them | taken✧

sup, i'm styne though you can call me mois as well. i usually go by "they/them"
but, honestly any pronouns are fine
i'm a laid back person, however i have major anxiety when meeting new people but,
don't let that stop you from talking to me!

>if you ever want to contact me the fastest ways to reach me is either on my
deviantart or on my toyhouse

>mutuals may ask for my discord
however don't befriend me in hopes of gaining things from me, as i don't
give things out often

i'm not usually one to like many things but, here's what catches my eye
(no specific order)

gaming/commentary youtubers | various animes | stranger things
the office | bts | adventure time | creating & developing oc's | spider-man movies

basically those i talk to on a daily or often
(no specific order)

if you are not on here, don't take it personally! these are just people i talk
to on an almost daily, and it doesn't mean i don't have other friends!